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An engaging online video
library of interviews with

The Leading Voices in
Community Living and Disability Rights




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Over 100 Short, Engaging, Accessible Videos

Conversations that Matter has more than 90 short (5 to 15 minutes) videos that can be viewed on a computer, a tablet, or an smartphone.

We add 4 new videos every month.

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Photos of various presenters from Conversations That Matter

Conversations With More Than 30 Presenters On a Wide Range of Topics

Watch an ever-growing collection of conversations with the leading presenters, , advocates, and parents in the community living field like: 

  • John O’Brien
  • Dave Pitonyak
  • John McKnight
  • Michael Kendrick,
  • Dave Hingsburger
  • Catherine Frazee
  • and many others!
  • Judith Snow
  • Al Condeluci
  • Jack Pearpoint
    & Lynda Kahn
  • Norman Kunc &
    Emma VanderKlift

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Example Reflection Questions such as

Behavior-Based Reflection Questions for Every Video

Each video has a series of  behavior-based reflection questions; the answers can be emailed back to the agency.

By using the videos and reflection questions in this way, an agency can merge values training, HR practices, and accreditation requirements into a mutually sustaining process.

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Screenshot of an example of a report showing user statistics

Reports of Usage and Reflection Answers

Directors, managers, and team leaders  have the option of viewing reports of the videos that have been watched by various staff members. 

They can also view reports of staff members' answers to the reflection questions.

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Logos for CARF and Focus accreditation standards

Videos Linked to Accreditation Competencies

Every video is linked to one or more competencies of the various accreditation standards.

This provides agencies with an effective way to demonstrate that they have fulfilled accreditation standards.

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Uses and Benefits

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Provide Ongoing High-Quality Values Training to All of Your Staff

Traditional in-person values-based training typically allows only some staff to attend, and only occasionally.

Conversations that Matter provides agencies with an affordable way to provide ongoing, high-quality to ALL of their staff

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Streamline Your Hiring, Orientation and Supervision

Streamline Your Hiring, Orientation and Supervision

Shortlist job applicants by asking them to watch specific videos and then email their reflection answers to the agency.

Easily enhance  your orientation program by using the videos to foster self-reflection  and discussion.

Add specificity to performance reviews by asking staff to regularly view and respond to a prescribed number of videos.

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Make Values Training an Integral Part of Every Staff Meeting

Make Values Training an Integral Part of Every Staff Meeting

Staff teams can watch and discuss a short, engaging video at the beginning of every team meeting.

This ensures the values of respectful support and authentic inclusion stay central in the discussions and practices of an agency.

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Spark Creativity & Innovation

Spark Creativity & Innovation

Use the videos to provoke new and innovative ideas about supporting people to make meaningful connections in the community. 

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De-Escalate Difficult Conversations

De-Escalate Difficult Conversations

Viewing and discussing a video as part of a disciplinary meeting can transform  a "Me against You" discussion into "Us Against the Problem."

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About Norm and Emma

Norman Kunc and Emma Van Der KliftAlthough Norman Kunc and Emma Van der Klift are internationally recognized as dynamic speakers, trainers, authors, and disability rights advocates, they are perhaps best known for having written and produced the video, A Credo for Support.

Born with cerebral palsy, Norman initially attended a segregated school for disabled children. After successfully arguing his way into a regular school, Norman went on to complete an honours degree in Humanities and a Master's degree in Family Therapy. During his undergraduate years, Norman wrote a book about his experience in a regular school which catapulted him into a career as a speaker on disability issues.

Emma initially worked in numerous positions with non-profit agencies that support individuals with intellectual disabilities. She has a Master’s degree in Conflict Analysis and Management and is certified both as a mediator and a negotiator. Emma has recently identified as autistic and is a prominent advocate in the neurodiversity movement.

Norman and Emma developed Conversations That Matter because they recognized  that enduring attitudinal change best occurs when people are engaged in ongoing dialogues about provocative and challenging issues.  As a result,  the goal of the Conversations That Matter site is not to inspire people, but to provoke self-reflection, deep-thinking and meaningful change.



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