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Mentoring: Supporting Support Workers - Part 1 (07:15)

Presenter: Sheldon Schwitek
Posted March 05, 2017

In addition to receiving a general orientation and basic training in CPR, lifting and transfers, as well as administering medication, Sheldon Schwitek describes how beginning direct support workers can be mentored so that  they come to appreciate the subtle art of respectful support.

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Sheldon Schwitek
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Consultant, Trainer, Author

Sheldon Schwitek has worked with children and adults with significant physical and behavioural challenges for more than 25 years. His experience in this area ranges from providing direct care, program supervision to facilitation, training and support circle co-ordination. He believes that supporting a Culture of Gentleness is how he has been doing this work his whole career. He also continues to grow in this practice as he continues to nurture it in all areas of his life.