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The Right to be Disabled (11:28)

Presenter: Norman Kunc
Posted January 29, 2016

When Norman realized he had "the right to be disabled," his life changed. He recounts why this was a pivotal moment in his life and the unexpected insights that arose out of this new perspective.

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The Four Narratives of Disability (08:46)

Presenter: Norman Kunc
Posted May 22, 2018

In Western-European societies, people with disabilities have made notable strides in becoming recognized as valued, contributing citizens. However, there are a number of generally accepted,  pervasive narratives in our society which still perpetuate biases and discrimination against disabled people.
Based on more than30 years of collaborative work on the issue with his colleague and wife, Emma Van der Klift, Norman Kunc utilizes short videos, humorous personal stories and powerful images to describe and explore 3 three problematic narrative that restrict the lives of disabled people. Norman then puts forward a fourth "counter-narrative" that challenges  these existing narratives.

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Norman Kunc
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Speaker, Author, Advocate

Norman Kunc is well-known speaker, author, and advocate for disability-related issues. Born with cerebral palsy, Norman attended a segregated school for children with physical disabilities; then, at the age 13, he was integrated into a regular school. From there, he went on to complete an Bachelor's degree in Humanities and a Master of Science degree in Family Therapy. He is currently working on a doctorate on critical disability theory.