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Can a Group Home be an Institution? (09:20)

Presenter: Fred Ford
Posted January 21, 2014

Fred describes how depersonalization gradually uccurs within services for people with disabilities.  Given this, Fred maintain that institutions are not simply large buildings, but any place where depersonalized support and coercion occur.

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Reporting Neglect and Abuse: Having the Courage to do the Right Thing (08:20)

Presenter: Fred Ford
Posted January 26, 2014

Fred Ford discusses the vital importance and the potenttial ramifications of reporting abuse or neglect.  He emphasizes the support providers need to clearly understand the agency's procedures, to whom to turn for help,and be prepared to cope the isolation and retribution that is sometimes directed towards people who report abuse.

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Fred Ford
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Author, Historian, Researcher,

Fred Ford is a disability rights advocate, historian and educator and a noted expert on the social history and institutionalization of people with disabilities. Fred has worked across Canada in the community living field for more than 40 years. He is currently the Director of Advocacy for Youth and Young Adults with BC’s Representative for Children and Youth.