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Part 1 - Dancing on the Autism Spectrum (16:44)

Presenter: Pat Amos
Posted April 02, 2013

Pat describes the devastaing impact the medicalized view of autism had on her family and how coming to see autism as a "movement difference" opened up new possibilities for her family.

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The Thing We Call "Behaviour" (06:17)

Presenter: Pat Amos
Posted November 02, 2016

Pat Amos challenges the commonly held presumption that a "behavior" is something a person does. Instead, Pat points out that the thing we call "a behaviour" is actually an arbitrary moment in an ongoing series of fluid responses between a person, their environment, and their interactions with others.

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Behavioural Support: Work with me; Not on me. (05:55)

Presenter: Pat Amos
Posted November 29, 2016

Pat shares some important common-sense insights about why traditional behavioral programs are often ineffective or only provide short term results. She offers some specific ideas on how support staff and family members can provide more collaborative behvaioural support by working within the context of a trusting relationship.

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Pat Amos
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Parent, Trainer, Consultant

Pat Amos has 4 children, 3 being on the autism spectrum. She is a well-known advocate within the Autism Community.  Pat served as the President of the Autism National Committee as well as a board member for TASH. She strongly aligns herself with the neuro-diversity movement and believes that the medicalization of Autism has had a devastating impact on people with autism.