Microboard Information Page

Welcome to the Microboard information page.

We created his page on the Conversations that Matter website to provide information about the benefits and requirements of establishing and maintaining a Microboard.

Please feel free to explore the rest of the Conversations that Matter website where you can view excerpts of some of the videos on the site as well as descriptions of all of the videos.

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Videos About Microboards

Linda Perry - Microboards Part 1: A Flexible Alternative to Traditional Services (14:07)

Linda provides an overview of Microboards.
She discusses the benefits and misconceptions of Microboards, as well as what families and networks need to bear in mind when deciding whether to develop a Microboard.

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Linda Perry - Microboards Part 2: Stories and Lessons Learned (15:49 )

With more than 20 years of experiences of helping families throughout the world set up Microboards, Linda reflects on a number of poignant stories as well as important lessons that have been learned.

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Maria Glaze - Rebecca’s Microboard Part 1: Benefits, Challenges, and Lessons (18:05 )

Maria Glaze recounts her first-hand experience with her daughter, Rebecca's Microboard.  Maria talks about what her family found attractive about Microboards, the challenges they faced, and the lasting lessons they've learned.

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Maria Glaze - Rebecca’s Microboard Part 2: Building a Successful Team (18:34)

The success of a microboard hinges on its members to form a successful team.  Maria reflects on the various factors which enabled Rebecca's Microboard's members to come together and form a resilient and mutually supportive team..

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Maria Glaze - Using Conversations that Matter in a microboard  (2:00)

Maria talks about why and how they use Conversations that Matter in conjunction with Rebecca’s Microboard.

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