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Posted Oct 13, 2015
Presenter: Advocates Against Abuse

A short overview of the Advocates Against Abuse program.

Posted Aug 07, 2013
Presenter: Thomas Neuville

Thomas admits that he ignored everything that was taught in his BSW program. He shares a humorous story how this lack of knowledge prompted him to support people in more personalized, innovative, and subversive ways.

Posted May 20, 2013
Presenter: Anne Donnellan

Anne Donnellan, after doing decades of intensive research with people labelled autistic, puts forward the claim that autism is a movement difference rather than a cognitive deficency. This perception has huge implications and exciting...

Posted May 19, 2013
Presenter: Peter Park

Peter recounts his experience of institutionalization, his resistance, his resilience, and finally his move back into the community into a home of his own.

Posted May 19, 2013
Presenter: John O'Brien

John discusses his deep concern that, despite de-institutionalization, the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities are becoming increasingly restrained . He urges viewers to look for ways to foster and protect the opportunities for...